European Investment Holdings (EIH) is a diversified Investment and Advisory Group operating in Greece and the broader South East Europe (SEE) region having accumulated significant industry, investment and advisory expertise since its establishment in 1999. The Group has invested, and exited in some cases, in companies operating in sectors such as financial services, shipbuilding, renewable energy, real estate, tourism, ICT, food and agriculture. Furthermore, EIH has participated in the privatisation of a number of companies in the sectors of shipbuilding and food & agriculture, either with principal or advisor role. Since its establishment, EIH has managed to build a unique business network in the region.

In addition to the investment activities, EIH is offering Corporate and Strategic services to selected clients including public, private and State companies, and high net worth individuals. EIH Corporate Advisory is managed by a team of experienced professionals with significant expertise in the Corporate and Investment area backed by EIH’s network and principals. We aim at offering services by top class professionals at the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.